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Our Mission

The wise counsel of all our Traditions is the guiding spiritual force for effective communication among ourselves.  TRADITION ONE clearly shows that unity provides the right climate in which to work.  TRADITION TWO reminds us that there is a force beyond ourselves guiding our decisions and action, and TRADITION TWELVE, another powerful tool, when it illustrates the need to “place principals above personalities.”


This is an informal, non-profit association whose only purpose is to put on a Convention every year.  The first San Fernando Valley Convention was held on February 1, 1975.


The Al-Anon Committee Chair selects members who are interested in becoming a part of the San Fernando Valley Convention Al-Anon Committee and who are entrusted with the responsibility of handling all the duties of the committee offices to which they have been assigned.


The SFVAA Convention with Al-Anon and Alateen participation abides by the SoCal World Service Safety and Behavior Requirements for Al-Anon members involved in Alateen service.

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