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Not My Plan ... Really

All those tiny little Hollywood Squares! Pages and pages and pages … It’s like we say about our past, “It’s OK to look at it, but don’t stare!”

But you can stare at this:



We’re going to have a whale of a convention! Think Marathons! Think Workshops! Think Speakers from far and wide! Spanish, Alateens, the whole nine yards! You can’t afford to miss it.

Even though it’s “Not My Plan” (this convention’s theme), we are pressing ahead. We have 164 days until the Unconventional. The time will pass at an amazing clip and we’ve still got lots of work to do. Our need for technical help is enormous. At a minimum, we’ll need a leader, a host and a co-host for every meeting. The larger the meeting, the greater the need for co-hosts. If you have experience hosting or co-hosting your meetings, give us a ring or sign up using the link below.

Join us in your tattered jeans with the cutout knees that remind us of freer times. Join us in your sweats that you’ve worn for 27 days straight and are finally considering washing because they stand up on their own. Join us in your onesie jammies with the cute bunny feet and the fluffy cotton tail. Join us in your suit and tie, perfect from the waist up. Just don’t stand up. We don’t want to know.

Sign up on our website, or fill out the form for sign up: Spread the word at your meetings. I put the following in the Chat (per your Secretary, of course):

2021 SFVAAC Al-Anon Planning Meeting August 25th 7:00 pm Meeting ID: 712 698 1743 Password: sfvalanon or see us at and fill out the sign-up form: Join us in planning for this once-in-a-lifetime "Unconventional".

We want you with us, arm-in-arm, so to speak, trudging this Road to Happy Destiny.

Be well. Be safe. See you next week.

Loving being of service,

Keith Kim

2021 SFVAAC Al-Anon Chair

Cell: 818-224-4327

"Participation is the Key to Harmony." (Concept 4)

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